• My build was about 2 years old, from when I originally committed the Docker image. I've got them configured in the old format, which looks like it ought to still work.

      "12:34:56:78:90": "device-name"

    It is picking up the device names, because I still get the ble/advertise/device-name and ble/presence/device-name topics appearing. It's just than none of the individual services (battery, temperature, humidity) have the device name anymore.

    Here's one for my watch battery. There's a 180f topic with the device name, and a battery topic with the MAC address.

    ble/advertise/watch2/180f [48]
    ble/advertise/f9:7f:c4:fd:c4:7f/battery 48

    Sounds like this might have been a regression at some point. I think it probably shouldn't publish to the MAC address topics, if you've given the device a name. Or do you think it should do both?

    I'll see if I can have a look into this.


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