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  • Hi new on the forum I use spruino a lot with som official boards with no issue, but I have some issues with Espruino on WROOM32 module.

    The board is a esp32-2432s028 (­Tls
    Is a board with a ILI9341 and resistive touch I wan't to use to make a javascript pocket computer.

    The first problem is when uploading to ram from Web IDE, seems that the code starts uploading before espruino is ready to fetch, not a big issue, I create some comments on the start to avoid the problem.

    The second one is for me more difficult, if you see on the youtube video, the screen is more or less fast, but in my espruino program the screen is really slow on any commands, even trying to set the bauds on SPI to a really high the simple g.clear() command takes like 1.5 seconds to perform.

    I'm modifying a copy of the ILI9341 module adding jitting to some command execution with no luck.

    Anyone have some similar problem?