• This becomes kind a series of examples how Pico comes handy for a lot of different things - see Using Pico to test new old stock (NOS) IC - MC14512 - 8 Channel Data Selector. You may guess where this is going...

    But for now, just focusing on this little interesting and quite versatile MC14599 chip from the past: a bit addressable storage of 8 bits with 1-bit wide data bus and 8 bits output port, 1 for each of the stored bits. A bit can be written and read back by 3 address lines. It behaves like Pico GPIO in "output" pin mode.

    Compared to the MC14512 - 8 Channel Data Selector - the testing software turned out to be much more complex - no easy way to just use a truth table with data driven logic - but exclusively procedural. With some shoehorning a data drive approach could be construed, but it was just easier to code while exploring the chip's workings.

    The next post shows the code and test output.

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