• In the UK it's £76.80 (basically the same as your 90 EUR as it's got the UK's 20% VAT applied), plus the postage which is

    but I paid the double price with tax and vat and postage

    Really? You're in the EU? I just checked what the shop says to send to Germany and:

    DHL Europe (duty paid) (Weight: 0.11kg) - 66.60€
    International Tracked & Signed (Weight: 0.11kg) - 17.78€
    International Tracked (Weight: 0.11kg) - 17.78€

    So maybe you chose the DHL express option? Did you have to pay DHL any customs duties as well? Those should have already been paid - if you did maybe email contact@espruino.com and we'll try and reimburse you.


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