• the esprima offline minifier makes it into

    function (a,b,c) {"jit";c===undefined&&(c=1),b===undefine­d&&(b=0);for(let d=this.idx+b;d<this.next-a.length;d+=c){­if(this.buffer[d]!==a[0])continue;let b=d;for(let e=1;e<a.length;e++)this.buffer[d+e]!==a[­e]&&(b=-1,e=a.length-1);if(b!==-1)return­ b}return-1}

    so there is comma operator and ifs changed into condition && body and continue is still there

    when uploading from IDE I see

    JIT SyntaxError: Got continue expected EOF
     at line 1 col 143 in find.js
    ...){if(this.buffer[d]!==a[0])continue;l­et b=d;for(let e=1;e<a....

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