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  • Hi David,

    Thanks! Sorry to hear about the battery holder issues - so just to be sure I understand what the issue is, you're saying that:

    • the battery clip itself is fine - it's not come detached from the board at all
    • It's the shape of the '-' terminal of the battery that doesn't reliably make contact with the gold area under the battery clip itself?

    If so, this is pretty much the first I've heard of the problem - with prototypes we did have some issues like this, but I'd raised the size of the gold-plated area significantly and that basically fixed it for us.

    I guess in future boards I might be able to enlarge that area still further (in some places) to avoid it. Do you have any links/pictures of this 'newer' CR2032 battery? I can't say I've really ever come across any differences.

    I had wondered about a different battery holder, but it's a tricky one - pretty much everything is substantially thicker than the standard clip-style, and that would then require a whole new case.

    After seeing that video, I should add - nobody should ever put the battery backwards in anything as he suggests right at the start. Puck.js does have some very basic reverse voltage protection (it shorts the battery out with a diode) but that's really a last resort protection and shouldn't be relied on (it'll also flatten your battery in minutes).


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