• I was having an issue with setting up chip Via I2C with the MDBT42Q breakout board. I kept getting numbers that made no sense. I disconnected the Chip from the Board and the I2C read command would still return "data". I belive there is something wrong with this function. I setup an I2C again, with nothing attatched and the read function still returns something with no error. I'm running the lastest firmware I could find; espruino_2v17_mdbt42q.

    pasted from the web editor:

    var i = new I2C();
    =I2C: { }
    i.setup({ scl : D15, sda: D14 });

    i.readFrom(0x2A, 3)
    =new Uint8Array([255, 255, 255])

    this occurs with nothing connected to the MDBT42Q breakout board. I think i need some help with this!


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