• @Gordon have you experienced this problem

    No, I haven't - but I do tend to just use the built-in Nordic UART for sending large amounts of data from devices.

    NRF.updateServices does not work reliably to send notifications, sometimes nothing is sent.

    I could understand it maybe failing if you're calling it repeatedly, but are you saying it fails on the first call sometimes? Maybe you're also sending a bunch of stuff on the Nordic UART at the same time?

    But as you say it seems like we probably shouldn't be ignoring errors from that function - that code looks to be very old (6+ years) so I'm not entirely sure the reasoning behind it being there in the first place.

    @fanoush maybe you could do a PR?

  • I'm getting a weird error too when I use NRF.updateServices,

    Execution Interrupted during event processing.
    Execution Interrupted during event processing.

    I've set an interval of 40 seconds, to update the characteristic, it's not like it's updating a few times a second. Is there any reason for this?