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  • Thank you, I'll just use a characteristic. I apologize for asking an unrelated question on this thread but I'd appreciate if you could guide me.

    I am recording accelerometry data and would like to be able to read that data on request from the host device that is connected. This is important that I am able to get data in a pull based approach rather than a push based approach as is the case with Bluetooth.write and Bluetooth.println. With the push based approach the device is informed about the disconnect with a delay which leads to data loss. Also since Bluetooth.write is on serial I get some random console strings coming in through too randomly which is not good.

    The approach I'm thinking of is to make data available in a characteristics value and the host to read from it and write to it to request the next data to be available on the characteristic. Currently I don't see anyway to update the value of a characteristic without using NRF.updateServices which requires that the device is no longer connected to any host. If there's another way I can approach this which would fulfill my requirement or maybe get the way I'm planning to work.

    Also is there a maximum length for the value of a characteristic, in bytes.


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