• Great news that the font is available with a 'very permissive' license (having read the license I see why you didn't spell it out here!) Very glad to see that others also think Renaissance would be a suitable font.

    I don't know enough about how Espruino works with fonts to comment on a new font renderer, or packaging. Since some of the Renaissance fonts are bold though it would be nice to be able to use that. Since they're already packaged up as PBF files could we use them directly? Would people be able to make new fonts in the same format?

    In terms of how we use the fonts, I'd be happy specifying the font and size directly, especially if there was a wiki page or tutorial with examples of the different fonts and sizes. Alternatively listing them as tiny, small, medium and large would be quite user friendly, but I think having the size in the name is more useful.

    I really like Gordon's idea of working out the best size of font to fit the text in a space, I agree it would be great for messages. I'm actually less keen on letting the Bangle pick the 'best' font size in other situations though, I already find it slightly odd that menu items can have 2 sizes of font, I can imagine some very strange looking screens with multiple different sized bits of text looking very messy.


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