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  • I don't get how it would be smaller than indexed bitmaps though?

    It's not just variable width, but variable height too since virtually no characters fill the whole area.

    Maybe add Bangle.selectFont(size)

    A new function is a great idea! And then we can provide a polyfill for older firmwares.
    I was a bit concerned about having to polyfill setFont and it hurting performance.

    Potentially we could just have g.setFontSize(...) instead. To get a selected font you could always do g.setFontSize(...).getFont()


    That's a good thought - and not too hard to do. I had been wondering about how to do monospaced fonts nicely...

    I guess there's a question about whether we try and have setFontSize/whatever it's called be smart enough that you could say g.setFontSize({text: ..., width: 170, height:100, min:14, wrap:true}) and it'd try and find a font that would display the given text in the area. It might be good for messages...


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