• I think the Renaissance font looks very nice and well readable. Having a way to get a font fitting into a given height would be great for layouts for both B1/B2 since something like setFont(g.getHeight()/5) could just work. Something like that would even be future proof if an even better matching font is added later (e.g. 30px wanted, 24 available, 28 added later). That would be great for replacing fonts system wide or making them a property of the theme. setFont with number as parameter could be used to find a matching font while string as parameter denotes a specific font directly as it does now.

    As for the different width glyphs I think that would be very beneficial for rendering more text. The problem of watchfaces or similar stuff could be solved by having setFontMono(bool) which would cause the font rendering to use the max width of all glyphs and and center the glyphs on render. Another way would be just working around that problem by rendering single characters in the app. Probably good enough for the time on watch faces.


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