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  • Quick update, I just heard back from Jay Neubrand who made the font, and he's more than happy for it to be used in Espruino and has added a very permissive license to it.

    Personally, seeing it in the menu above it feels clear to me it's a huge step up from what we currently have. I might have liked the capitals to be a bit more narrow, but beggars can't be choosers :)

    So now I guess the questions really are:

    • Do we just include the font using the standard mechanism, or do we take the opportunity to have a new font format and render different size glyphs for each character (which should be more efficient with space and speed). If we did it right, we could allow 'font files' which might make life a lot easier in the future, and maybe even support unicode. It would be good for Bangle.js 1 as well - right now we may struggle getting all the new fonts in internal flash.
    • How do we make the fonts accessible? Sure, we could just have ren14/ren18/ren24 and ren28 fonts, but I think we should maybe just allow someone to do setFont("30px") and get the nearest font that fits within 30px height... Or maybe the ability to do .setFont("smaller") to go down just one font size...
    • How do we actually implement the above so that you can upload a new 'font pack' to your Bangle and have all the fonts change?

    There's quite a lot to think about there unfortunately :(


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