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  • Ahh, thanks - yes, it seems T/others had a space before one of the lines that I wasn't expecting. I actually found­v/renaissance/wiki/PBFF-Format-descripti­on which explains it - I've fixed it now.

    It looks like the pebble font format allows characters to actually overlap, which we don't handle yet. So there's a bit of a question I guess about whether we use it as an opportunity to improve the font rendering/format as well.

    Using an existing font has got to be easier than designing a new one (or multiple for different sizes) from scratch, question is are we happy to do that?

    Definitely true! Well, assuming there are no legal problems I feel like the font itself looks better than my attempts so could be a good idea. I don't see an explicit license there so if we decided to go that route I'd have to contact the author - but it looks from what he's written in the README that he'd probably be fine with it.

    is it possible to adjust the spacing between letters?

    Right now that's up to the font converter, so yes it could be tweaked - however one of the reasons for changing font was to have something narrower (getting enough text horizontally is always an issue), so if we could get away with 1px space I think that might be preferable.


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