• I like the sound of new fonts, particularly a nice range of sizes. typically I use the Vector font, it's easy to use for large sizes though not as good for small text. It would be nice to have the option for Bold text too.
    Just for reference, here is the font that the Pebble watches used, and the reason they used it:

    Raster Gothic Condensed is the font used throughout the Pebble system, largely because it is optimized for monochromatic displays. Pebble selected this font because it allows a relatively large number of characters to be displayed on a single line, also because the font has an excellent readability vs. size ratio.

    This is a paid for font, but the Rebble team has had a go at making a similar font and releasing it on Github: https://github.com/pebble-dev/renaissancĀ­e
    Unfortunately the fonts are only in pbf format, which I would try, but can't get to convert using the Espruino Font Converter. Does anyone know how I could get these fonts into the Bangle?
    EDIT: Manually pasted the letters as Gordon did above, the bottom 2 rows are Renaissance 24 and Renaissance 18.

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