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  • Please can you explain a bit more about what you want? What additional metadata do you want to include? Apart from the text description (which is implemented, but it seems nobody really uses) I wasn't aware of much other metadata that could stored for characteristics.

    What sample rate do you want to change? Is there a problem with just sending a command over the Nordic UART characteristics?

    There doesn't seem to be a way to create a custom descriptor that holds a specific value that I would specify, it's in neither NRF.setServices or NRF.updateServices

    Is the problem that you want to use your own UUID in setServices, not one of the 16 bit pre-defined ones? If so,­+LE might help, but you can just make a random number like c28bef9ab6ea685a3c742eb46418eb9e

    Then change the second set of 4 digits:

      "c28b0001-b6ea-685a-3c74-2eb46418eb9e" : {
        "c28b0002-b6ea-685a-3c74-2eb46418eb9e" : {
          value : "My custom data",
          readable : true

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