• Has anyone used the Sleep as Android app with their Bangle.js 2 (not v1)?

    In Sleep as Android's SettingsSleep trackingWearablesUse wearable section, there's an option for Bangle.js. If you don't have the Bangle.js Gadgetbridge installed, it'll direct you to the Play Store to get it. Otherwise, when testing, it waits to connect to my Bangle.js 2… and does nothing. I have all the Gadgetbridge and Bangle programming/intents/etc features enabled, and I've confirmed that I can send JavaScript code via Tasker (to auto-toggle Quiet mode).

    I'm guessing Sleep as Android's integration was written for the Bangle.js v1 since it doesn't mention heart-rate monitoring, and the v2 hardware/firmware may be different enough to break it.

    I did reach out to Sleep as Android's support, and apparently it's a third party integration:

    I did implement the PineTime integration myself.. but for the Bangle.js I'm sorry this is third party and I do not know anything about it :( I did not yet test this and do not have the device.. although I may get to Bangle.js in the future and hopefully integrate it.

    I'd be happy to try debugging this, but I figured I'd get an idea of what others know first.

    Aside, I know Bangle.js 2 has a self-contained sleep phase alarm/tracking app. However, I have over 2 years of sleep data in Sleep as Android and I've integrated it into my routine (controls bedroom lights/music, activates different modes on my phone, etc). Installing the sleep phase alarm app didn't seem to make this work, either.