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  • I've just been having another stab at building this into the firmware.

    In the screenshot below, I'm showing items in 2x and 3x scales:

    • First line is a new custom font - 14px high 'bold'. It's normally 12px, with 2px dropdown.
    • Second line is 6x15 font
    • Third line is 12x20 font

    The scaling algorithms tend to smooth out the edges a bit so the 1px wide (non-bold) fonts don't scale up that well.

    My thinking is:

    • 6x15 at 1x scale is not really readable at 1x scale on the watch screen as it's too narrow
    • The bold 14px font is more readable on the Bangle, and narrower, and scales up nicely compared to the others
    • The 3x scale 14px font is a bit chunky, but it is very easy to read and is maybe worth it...
    • It feels like we're maybe missing something inbetween the 1x and 2x scale 14px fonts (but in the same style), which could then scale up?

    Right now, I'm feeling like what we need is to move away from having these weird font types like 6x4, 6x15, 12x20, and instead be able to say: "I want a bitmap font 20px high" and let Espruino choose?

    Any maybe to allow us to migrate, we just map 12x20 to this magic 20px high font, and 6x15 to the 15px one.

    Then maybe we have some way to override that, so that it's easy to upload a custom font for the whole OS?

    I know everyone says: "You should allow the font size to be configurable" but we can't do that with the current apps without breaking 90% of them, but I guess changing the font (eg being able to make it bold, or more interesting, while being the same size) might still be good.

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