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  • The layout library is powerful but it is not a solution to have a long press touch event on (bangle.js2)

    Executing below code you can see that "long press" is only detected on Bangle.js1

    var v_model=process.env.BOARD;
    var Layout = require("Layout");
    if (v_model=='BANGLEJS'||v_model=='EMSCRIPT­EN')  v_font="6x8:2";    
     else v_font="6x8";
    var layout = new Layout( {
        //v vertical
          type:"v", c: [
            {type:"txt", font:v_font, label:".", id:"label", valign:-1, halign:-1 }
        },  {btns:[
        {label:"File", cb: l=>print("log: btn1"),  cbl: l=>{print("log: long press btn1"); },font:v_font, col:"#f00"},
        {label:"Launch", cb: l=>print("log: btn2"),font:v_font, col:"#f00"},
        {label:"Color", cb: l=>print("log: btn3"),font:v_font, col:"#f00"}
      ], lazy:true});

    Is it is the expected behaviour?
    If yes, is the only alternative digitalPulse?

    I am aware of @enaon using "longpress" on his eucwatch and I see that it is through digitalPulse?


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