• I'm searching for a method to stress test the GPS via GadgetBridge changes in https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/p­ull/2534 together with the latest GadgetBridge nightly.
    There is a test script, which exercises all states, that runs fine.
    Yesterday I had somehow reached the state of GadgetBridge still sending GPS events (seen in logcat) but the Bangle was not reacting at all. That was about half an hour after starting to use GPS. First theory was GPS cutting out on the phone and somehow getting the internal state on the bangle out of order.
    To simulate bad GPS I have devised a top notch high end RF testing bench (put the phone into grounded aluminium foil) and created about a thousand disconnects from GPS over 8 hours. The bangle code worked without failure the whole time.

    Sooo... Has anyone other ideas for testing this?


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