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  • Oh wow, ok. So it would seem that the firmware update process does workbut your module is the 512k variant, so it's uploading the wrong firmware.

    I'm sorry about this - I checked with a Pico+ESP01 I had on my desk here assuming it was the same and it worked, but it must have been a 1M variant and I got confused between 0.5M/1M and 4M ones.

    I just had a quick google and found this tidbit:

    if the PCB is blue, the flashsize is 512KB if the PCB is black the flashsize is 1MB

    And it looks like I must have supplied the blue 512KB ones with the KickStarter campaign (at least that's what is in the picture on

    Sorry - it's possible I was aware at one point but in the years since this I must have forgotten.

    I did manage to find this though:­ling-latest-at-firmware-on-4mbit/

    It seems to imply that you can use AT firmware with 'noboot' - the firmware link doesn't work now, but this seems to be the new one:­OS_SDK/releases/tag/v2.0.0

    I checked and v2.1.0 and later don't have 'noboot' so I guess that really is the last available firmware. Still, I guess it's a decent step up over


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