• Thanks @Gordon. I did originally try that since it was recommended, but I couldn't get it to work. After I shorted GPIO0 to GND, the process seemed to start, but it failed prematurely with a 'sync error' (or similar, so I can't recall the precise error). I also tried shorting the reset pin, but I think that's unnecessary/undesireable(?), but when I did that I seemed to get further (the block writing started) but it crashed out about half way (at around block 500). This is when I gave up using the IDE, and opted for the "Espruino as a makeshift USB-TTL adaptor" which eventually worked for me. I was wondering whether the ' FW version' is the best one to use, but I guess it is since the 512kB ESP01 modules are not compatible, and I think those are the ones that were given out during the Pico kickstarter campaign?

    I am hoping for a new wifi-capable Espruino model in the future (maybe with an antenna connector option) as I found the ESP-01/shim approach a bit fiddly especially if a firmware update is required (but totally understandable as that was what's available at the time).


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