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  • My wife would like to have a smartwatch with a strap in rosé (pink) gold steel mesh (something like­tness-tracker-display-ecg-herzfrequenzme­ssung-frauen-milanaise-armband-rosegold.­html)
    of course with all the features and extensiblity of the bangle2 :-). A strap compatible with the bangle2 can be found but doesn't blend in well with the silicone/plastic look of the watch-case (even the pink version).

    Thought about how to blend in the watch to the metallic look and thought about the following possiblities:

    1. Spray-painting the watch with a metallic color (how well does it stick?)
    2. ordering a custom milled casing with the right colored metal (has anyone a 3d-model of the current case?)

    Does anyone has some experience with such a plan? Other ideas are welcome (except buy her an apple-watch).


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