• Hi, happy new year 2023 to every one!
    Almost 10 years since this thread started and I have this very same problem:
    Dropped characters in the terminal and at upload time via BLE.
    This happens on a Pixljs with espruino 2v16, a pc on Windows 11, and I tried, with no luck, differents settings:
    +Bluetooth smart (BTLE) via 'noble': on or off,
    +Bluetooth smart (Web Bluetooth): on or off,
    +Software Flow Control: on or off,

    The screen below is a upload time or after a reboot, dump and reset...

    I also, with no results:

    • reflashed the Pixljs from Android and nrfConnect...
    • cleared the Flash and just upload to RAM.

      _ _|_|___ ___        _
      |  __|_ -| . |
      |____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___pruino.com
      2v16 (c) 2021 G.Wil

    and this one is a dump of data, all lines should have the same structures, they obviously don't.

      "time": Date: Thu Jan 1 0100,
      "pulseNumber": 1, "pul"power": 2510 }
      "time": D0 17:10:54 GMT+0100,
      "pulseNuration": 3, "power": 1220 }
    { Thu Jan 1 1970 17:10:57 GMT+0100": 3, "pulseDuration": 2.4, "pow "time": Date: Thu Jan 1 1970 17
      "pulseNumber": 4, "pulseDurat: 5190 }
      "time": Date: Th:34 GMT+0100,
      "pulseNumber":": 1, "power": 3620 }
      "ti 1 1970 17:18:38 GMT+0100,
      "pulseDuration": 2.1, "power": 17: Date: Thu Jan 1 1970 17:18:40 seNumber": 7, "pulseDuration": 2

    It is reproductible: issueing the same command produces the very same dump.

    Finally, It also happens if I paste some code on the right pane of the native editor: lost chars and randomly placed edit cursor on the edited line only while attempting to paste from elsewhere, say a web page.

    The full code below is hill named but at the end I expect this to run on an old original espruino board.

    So what could be the cause?
    Maybe another BLE device?

    Thanks for your attention...

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