• Thanks for your answer.
    The problem happens when setting a watch on BTN1 to call a function opening the menu. Then, changing the watches to the proper buttons used by the menu.
    At this moment, BTN1 and BTN4 work in the opposite way (BTN1 is down amd BTN4 is up), and it is not possible anymore to edit the value of a number.

    However, if I use BTN2, and do not clearWatch BTN1,3,4 , it works fine.

    Therefore, I "overwrote the Pixl's default showMenu implementation", and it worked perfectly.

    So, I suspect some sort of conflict when changing a watch once the menu is created. Like:
    m.setWatch() , returned_copy_of_m.clearWatch(), returned_copy_of_m.setWatch() after menu creation.
    Maybe, setting the second watch with a copy of the variable m ?

    Anyway, it works fine now, so thanks again.


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