• Hi, I think if the following happens:

    $ sudo hcitool lescan
    Set scan parameters failed: Input/output error

    Then this is something to do with the bluetooth setup in Linux - I'd try and look into that before spending time on Node.js, as I think that'll end up being the root cause of your problems. If that's not working I doubt Node.js will ever work despite what you try.

    Am I right in thinking you couldn't use Web Bluetooth from Chrome on the desktop to connect either?

    Is Bluetooth enabled in the Bluetooth Manager on the desktop?

    And do you have the device firmware packages installed on your OS? Sometimes folks don't install them because they're non-free but then it breaks a bunch of stuff

    I'm not really sure what to suggest - you may have some luck adding a $5 bluetooth USB adaptor and then blocklisting the driver for whatever existing bluetooth adaptor you have? That could be the easiest way in the end.

    ... but at the end of the day, my knowledge of debugging Linux internals is reasonably limited I'm afraid. You could try booting into a standard Ubuntu Live CD image and see if you have any more success there? At least it might narrow it down...


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