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  • i think the pointer should have a diameter of...

    I'm not quite sure what you mean? To change the mouse cursor?

    If you can do that, PRs are welcome :)

    I just checked and it turns out that the 'pressing in the middle' isn't implemented. The code is at­DE/blob/master/emu/emu_banglejs1.html#L7­6-L111

    To do it nicely you'd have to forget about BTN4/BTN5 the way it's done there, then listen to mousedown/up/move events on gfxcanvas and then set the state of BTN4/BTN5 pins manually based on the x/y coordinates.

    I did try it with 3 divs (code attached) and this works for clicking, but then it stops the 'swipe' events from working - so if you feel like jumping in and making it work, that'd be great :)

  • unfortunately i feel that it is a a too complicated task for me :|

    Anyway I suppose this middle button function is not that important for bangle.js2 users and bangle.sj1 users can test on the real device.


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