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  • It's hard to read all this and not jump to Bangle's defense. It does seem like your experience is not ideal, and that must be disappointing. But I don't believe the BangleJS line were meant to replace Pebbles at all. It is first and foremost a programmable microcontroller you can wear. The fact that it has evolved an ecosystem that can be compared to Pebble's is quite impressive. To fault it for not achieving Pebble's equal seems unfair to me.

    The battery issue is concerning, and maybe others are having similar issues, but mine lasts over a week (admittedly with modest use). As for the button, I've read about a few having issues, yes. Gordon has worked with folks to fix or replace those.

    For me it's rekindled a desire to create simple software, experiment with rudimentary UI and learn a ton about microcontrollers and their capabilities (and their limitations).

    I believe that is more of its intended use.

  • I agree that it's not fair to expect it to be a replacement for a pebble and that comparison was not really the point I was trying to make. I also think you are right that it's just not the right watch for me considering I was more interested in an open source, community supported watch, not a platform to learn programming/microcontrollers/UI design etc. At least at this stage in it's development I think that is the crowd it is more suited to.

    You are right that I'm disappointed because I was really excited for this watch and I can still see it's potential. But not being able to rely on a watch to actually function on a day to day basis because of issues with battery, BT connection, boot loops, button failure, clunky software, etc. That is not really an issue of comparing it to the pebble, that's just a functioning watch.

    The fact that the community does jump to the defence of the banglejs is one of the great things about it. Having an engaged community and someone capable and proactive like Gordon at the helm is what makes me think that it will end up being what I was hoping it already was. I really do hope it reaches the level of polish that it needs for mass adoption.


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