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  • I think the Bangle JS2 struggles with a few things that make it less relevant to me as a longtime Pebble user looking for an acceptable replacement. I too have decided to let it go after continually trying it out for a week's time every 3 months or so since I got it late 2021.

    First of all, let me say that I am a big fan of all these hackable devices where there is plenty opportunity to "make it your own" in any way you can. The Bangle JS2 has potential, but there are a few things that makes it unacceptable to me as a daily driver:

    1. Weak vibration
      I could almost live with this when I just re-enabled my phones vibration. But my purpose of having a smartwatch is to also to not have to rely on my phones sound or vibration at all. So it was one of those "Ah schucks, not good, but I can probably deal with it"

    2. Low quality
      It was never any secret that the Bangle JS2 is a Chinese watch with a different firmware. And the quality is quite low compared to my Pebble.

    3. Touch-screen instead of buttons
      I had hoped this would work. Alas, it doesn't. I just prefer buttons, especially for such a small device / screen.

    4. The experience is very hacky right now and remains so
      The overall experience is not a friendly one. To me personally it's been somewhat easy to figure it all out as I am very tech savvy. But juggling Gadgetbridge versions and connecting through browsers for other stuff is not all that user-friendly. Gadgetbridge especially has been a pain for me to use - including the Bangle version. It was never stable in the connection and which messages got passed over. And I never got calls to show on the watch. So overall I just never trusted it enough to actually use it for longer periods of time.

    Thank you to the good people behind the projects involved. I am happy such projects and people exist. Eventually it can lead to great things. I know Pebble didn't exactly start out as the perfect smartwatch either. I've seen their prototypes. :D


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