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  • Hi!

    • charging cable design - that's really neat! I guess it still doesn't stop smaller conductive things being pulled in, but it definitely helps with bigger ones! We do sell the charging cradle which I guess has this effect already, but it would be very easy for someone to come up with a 3d printed addition to the current cable that did the same thing and just pushed on...
    • battery usage - I think probably a 'power meter' chip on the battery is a step too far, but it might be possible to keep track of the cycle count on the CPU at some point. There were some questions about this before though, and if you can recharge once a week you'll be looking at a 6-10 year life for the battery, so not bad in terms of modern hardware.
    • surprising scratches - oh yes, that's 100% the protective film - just peel it off and it'll be like new!
    • why is the battery level jittery? The battery level is calculated based on voltage - and the voltage depends on the temperature but also the amount of power being drawn. If GPS is on for instance the voltage drops. The battery level indicator is only meant as a guide - because Bangle.js is open someone added a widget that tells you the battery to the nearest percent, but it doesn't mean that number is accurate :)
    • Force monotonic battery percentage - yes, this would just mask it
    • Sleep tracking - there is an app for that... And we do log movement in the health app - it's possible with a few heuristics that could be used to track sleep as well.
    • Bangle didn't register the steps and the heartrate - I am very surprised about the steps. The step counter has had a lot of work on it and it's usually very good. For the HRM - having the film on there really won't help! The HRM option in Gadgetbridge may not work - best to look at a Heart Rate monitor app on the watch
    • For power saving, which app should I set up to be always running, would it be GadgetBridge? Yes, Gadgetbridge/Bangle.js Gadgetbridge (whichever you installed)
    • is the debugging info also available a good 30min later? Yes, it should be!

    Bangle.js is very much a community effort - I'm the only one working full-time (and realistically that's all that the sales from Bangle.js will fund) and while I do try constantly to improve things, I only have so much time, especially when so much of it is spent on support.

    In the areas where you think Bangle.js is lacking, please have a go and try and get stuck in. Even if it's just a pull request to improve the documentation it'll only take a few minutes and yet will help many others in the future.


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