• Thanks a bunch guys ! Waow, that's incredible what you can do with code. Basically, I can decypher 20% of Gordon's code, the rest is like 3d hieroglyphs.
    fillArc() seems closer to my abilities, but still, quite a huge gap to fill (starting with figuring out how sin, cos, radians work...)
    It took me 4 days to write this code and do the graphics, which lead to running late on major projects (studies, moving interstate,...). I need 2 weeks to catch up, at least.
    If you feel like finishing that thing, feel free to use the concept and the code I posted (if there's anything worth keeping).
    If it's just me, I will just use the heavy weight code whenever I have time, as I can't do any better.
    Still, thanks ! Now I see what code wizardry can do !


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