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  • Ahh, thanks! That's so stupid! Looks like I made a typo isGPSOn vs isGPSon - and so my grepping failed!

    So it turns out that widgps was hiding the real implementation!

    Then i found that in android.settings.json the key "overwriteGps" was set to true.

    I've just checked into this - I could be wrong, but I can't see how it could have got enabled unless you'd enabled it.

    I'd have hoped you'd have seen messages like t: "gps_power", status: true } too, from­lob/master/apps/android/boot.js#L215

    The frustrating thing is that when disconnected, it should work as normal - but the second you connect to see what's going on it would switch to the Gadgetbridge mode.

    There is a PR for some changes to this at­ull/2473 but I wanted to take a bit of time to look into it before merging...

  • The PR does not fix the behaviour when the GB side is configured not to provide GPS events. At least not yet. Can we check if a GB setting is set? Then it would be easy to integrate a check and prevent this situation. If we can not check the settings, maybe the app should send it's GPS setting state to the bangle when the gps_power message arrives?


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