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  • It's possible the battery was low for the self test, because for this type of bench check I tend to use any old battery laying on my desk. But in the field I try to use fresh batteries, and I actually find E.getBattery to be too coarse of a measurement to monitor their condition. If I use them to the point E.getBattery reads anything below 100% I start seeing power failures. I think this is due to the full power advertising I'm doing. And the field measurements are sometimes taking place in a very cold environment, which doesn't help battery capacity.

    I instead run NRF.getBattery each time I program them for a mission, and I strongly consider replacing batteries if it reads less than 3 V. At this point (and well below it) E.getBattery still reads 100.

    Also, I only saw the LED message when the resistor was still connected from D28 to D30. When I cut it that went away, but I still had both D30 and D31 errors. Yesterday I tested several other failed pucks and got similar D30/31 errors. Can you point me to the code the self test runs?


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