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  • I found a code block here:­lob/master/apps/widgps/widget.js#L12

    After deinstalling the GPS widget the function definition is different:

    ="function (isOn,ap" ... "wr});return pwr;}"

    But GPS still not working.

    Then i found that in android.settings.json the key "overwriteGps" was set to true.
    I set it manually to false in the json file via the IDE and GPS works again!

    I am pretty sure that i never turned this on in the Bangle.js android app but who actually knows...

    So if the Bangle.js android app expects GPS coming from GadgetBridge but the setting in GP is turned off then the Bangle.js will never get any GPS.

    I feel sorry for the time the hunt for this consumed.

    Thank you for your help, this seems to be solved!


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