• Hey everyone,

    Working on a concept and I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around the logic behind this design pattern.

    Ideally what I’m looking to accomplish is to have a device, which has physical buttons, which control playback of Bluetooth audio originating from a smart phone.

    -Smart phone connects to Bluetooth receiver
    -Music plays over Bluetooth
    -Music from smart phone can be controlled by physical buttons on a MDBT42Q

    The blocker I run into is that the phone can only be connected to one Bluetooth device at a time and even if it could be connected to multiple, that’s not a good user experience to have to connect to the controller and then connect to the receiver.

    What I believe needs to happen is that the smart phone needs to connect to the Bluetooth receiver first and then the Bluetooth receiver would have to somehow connect to the BLE device, in my case a MDBT42Q which will control the smart phone playback using BLE HID.

    The issue is that the commands from the MDBT42Q would have to be passed through the receiver to the smart phone in order to actually execute commands since the MDBT42Q is not directly connected to the smart phone in this case, so BLE HID direct to the smart phone wouldn’t be an option from what I can gather.

    Looking for some clarification, any thoughts would be very appreciated.


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