• Using the Sched library would be really helpful to me but every timer/alarm I generate also appears in the alarms app which is a bit annoying since in the app I can't differentiate between them. Is there a way to generate custom alarms that don't show in the app?

    Even better would be a possibility to have a kind of bangle.showMenu that shows the same option as the alarms app but only with alarms I selected eg. using appid.

  • Maybe add a "origin" key for alarms/timers that store which app created it? And make it possible for the user to decide, via settings, which alarms/timers should be visible in the Alarms app depending on the originating app? Is one solution at least :)

  • Maybe a "hidden" key is enough, with a switch in the alarms app options toggling between showing everything or only not hidden timers/alarms. Since the sched lib works really well any duplication of the functionality there would be suboptimal.


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