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  • Just to mention:

    I just discovered this really cool open PLC project which provides an IDE and runtime environnment for PLC applications. What I found really interesting is its ability to extend inputs/outputs on various targets through modbus. One can use arduinos, ESP8266, ESP32, raspberry pis, ... to create a distributed PLC system. I think at some point it would be of interest to provide compatibility between Espruino and this project, just because Espruino hardwares are really good devices and can provide useful features like sensing (with puck.js) or displaying (pixl.js) that could help people building home automation applications.

    Of course Modbus is the key for interactions right now but maybe at some point if it could be extended to BLE as well it would make sense.
    If I figure out a proper way of doing this I will post it here, for those who are interested in home automation or PLCs.