• Hi, skimmed over your code... noticed several things... some are coding conventions which do not break the code but make it more difficult to build a mind map - map the code in the mind for grasping. Beside that, I noticed your Polygon = [] and its population w/ values for drawing. I could not figure how many points you add, but you have to be aware of the limit it has. Your may have too many points. Not all all drawn which could explain the missing parts. To get thru a polygon with too many values, you have to break it up into multiples to compose the final one. See Swiss Federal Railway Clock modeled w/ Circular Gauges. It's less about the clock, it is about the circular gauges: I use some algorithm to compose a partial circle (arc) drawn using polygons by actually drawing multiple segments of that partial circle (arc)... (the full circle is just a partial circle / arc of 360 degrees).

    Addendum: see g.drawPoly/fillPoly have a limit of 64 nodes - Your Color wheel.js uses 72 segments... which puts you already 12+% beyond the max limit. To achieve that: think about drawing two circles using Espruino's Graphics method .drawCircle(): draw the outer circle, and then clear the inner portion with another one... That way you take advantage of the best resolution with the highest speed.


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