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  • I'm super happy with banglejs2, i actually own two of them and i really miss a bigger community because i think it's the best opensource smartwatch.

    • is the only smartwatch that can switch off the bluetooth
    • with my watchface the battery lasts for 2 month

    But i'm aware about some issues I would love to get them fixed, maybe in a revision or a new model, but I also hope the community grows and the system gets better, this is my wishlist:

    • use a proper speaker (not a 12V on a 5V battery) because right now it can be only used as a subsonic vibrator.
    • support wifi (i know some espruino chips support wifi, and having this will open the door to do amazing things)
    • water resistant and inductive charging support to avoid rust
    • two buttons in the left side (that's actually supported by the API)
    • real leds instead of emulating them in the screen
    • microphone, maybe useful for voice notes or to use it as a bluetooth headset

    I understand every line of my wishlist implies a lot of work, but I think this is the most amazing piece of hardware I own and I enjoy it every time i code things for it. So I want to greet you all for the amazing work you put in that little device :)


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