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  • I personally like using the "event" option for one-time reminders, and I delete them after. I'm thinking that adding a delete after expiration option just like the timers have would be a good idea, and I'm willing to attempt to implement it. To avoid duplicating work, is anyone else already doing that?

  • I'm not doing that! ;)

    Maybe adding buttons when the event is triggered "Done!", which deletes the event, and "Postpone", which snoozes the event for an hour makes sense? Then it's easy to get rid of it directly if you want to, or still there if you need it again.

    (Sorry for breaking my own rule about doing dev talk elsewhere. Although I guess conceptual discussion in here makes sense :P)

  • I like the idea of deciding to delete the event or not when it occurs. We already have buttons "Snooze" and "Stop", maybe just adding a third button "Del", left of "Snooze", would do the job?


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