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  • I'm not saying that I'm not going to do a Bangle.js 3 - just that Bangle.js 2 has only been out a year, and I think that probably most owners would like to know their Bangle was going to stay well supported and keep improving for at least another year.

    ... but KickStarter campaigns can be difficult. I think maybe some people would be fine with it but I feel personally responsible, so when things don't go right (like EU shipping!) I'm under a lot of stress, which I'm in no hurry to repeat. So I'll still do a Bangle.js 3 at some point, but almost certainly not via KickStarter!

    I wonder what the companies use the BangleJS for, do you have any specific information?

    There was some Covid-related tracking in the pandemic, and we've got companies developing asset tracking, sport tracking, health research and also elderly care stuff. There are a few more but I can't think of them right now, but generally everyone wants to white-label them and not make it known they're using Espruino so it's hard to give you any specific names!


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