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  • Hi! Sorry about the problems - I'll try to reply below:

    Device appeared to be DoA

    That's very odd - it's designed to require the button to be held for a while before it turns on so it doesn't turn on in transit though. That could be it?

    Charger isn't attaching very well.

    Maybe you could take a video? I haven't had many complaints about problems, so it might be something odd in your case.

    I'm uneasy about charging on a metal surface, thinking it can detach and short circuit

    Yes, that wouldn't be a good idea without something like a charging cradle. It is a pain but it seems common on a lot of devices. I actually pay extra for the short circuit protection in the plug but as you say it's definitely not an idea ot rely on it!

    The bottom surface has a good fair bit of scratches on the transparent plastic surface in the middle, right when unpacking.

    The HRM sensor should come with a protective film. The film is super soft so will pick up scratches very easily, but it comes off easily enough.

    The main device looks to be... used. :o

    Sorry about this - it definitely shouldn't be. Maybe you could send some pics? The charge port may have some minor marks since we use it to charge, program and test the watch, but other than that the watch should be basically unmarked.

    Battery behaves... weird. Seems to discharge a bit faster than expected (I've read the battery usage doc page), and at times battery level increases slightly when device isn't being used actively.

    You'd expect the reported level to vary - what you see is based on the battery voltage, but that does vary slightly with temperature (and load). It's fine for a 20px battery level meter but if you're looking at the actual percentage, it's not going to be accurate to 1%.

    In terms of discharge, it really depends on what apps are installed. Out of the box it should be pretty good, but some apps/clock faces use more power than others.

    Is there a way to find out the wear level of the battery?

    No, there's no specific battery level handling IC, so things like charge cycles/etc aren't logged.

    Backlight turns on every now and then when device is idle and is just on the bedside (without a notification arriving).

    That is strange - but are you connecting to Gadgetbridge, or an iOS device? It's possible that it is lighting up to show a change in Bluetooth connection state because the phone keeps connecting/disconnecting? If so, it could be due to power saving on the phone - maybe check out

    I had a couple of roadbumps as a newbie and I don't recall these documented, so these may be considered for improving docs if appropriate

    This is great, thanks!

    Gadgetbridge for Bangle seems to be a fork which specifically needs to be selected

    Do you remember the error message? The normal Gadgetbridge should work fine - there's a list of the differences between different builds at­-to-set-up

    Installing Gadgetbridge on GrapheneOS is tricky

    That does sound odd - it could be it hasn't been granted Android permissions properly. You could check out the last section on­ra-setup ? If there's something specific I could add to the docs to help though, please let me know!

  • Installing Gadgetbridge on GrapheneOS is tricky

    This behaviour seems to have started with the update to Android 13. I can not say that for sure, since the device also has changed from Pixel 4a to Pixel 6a at that time, but I suspect the hardware has nothing to do with this. Installing the Bangle.js build from the Playstore (I used Aurora from FDroid to do that) has worked and the notification access permission can be set to on as expected. Both versions of GB from FDroid do not work on that device for me, the changing of the setting is just not allowed.


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