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  • There's the Bluetooth stack that uses 10k of RAM, but also we need to have a certain amount of free RAM (~10kb) for the execution stack.

    Newer builds have process.memory().stackFree and on Bangle.js 1 this gives 9552, so around the 10k

    So 10k execution + 10k bluetooth + 34k vars leaves 10k for the rest of the interpreter, Tensorflow, etc. It does seem a bit high, but it's not that bad.

    There's a script called scripts/ in the Espruino repo, and if you run it on the list file you get something like:

    20002d98 g     O .bss	00000043 .hidden graphicsInternal
    2000c20c l     O .bss	00000048 m_chunk_queue
    20002d48 g     O .bss	00000050 .hidden gpsFix
    2000cf3c l     O .bss	00000052 gpsLine
    2000c93b g     O .bss	00000052 .hidden gpsLastLine
    2000d498 g     O .bss	0000005c .hidden jit
    2000c2aa g     O .bss	00000060 .hidden m_connections.lto_priv.693
    20002c44 l     O .data	00000060 impure_data
    2000c47c g     O .bss	00000068 .hidden m_queue.lto_priv.687
    2000c154 g     O .bss	0000006c .hidden m_cb.lto_priv.529
    2000c7ec l     O .bss	00000070 BLE_EVT_BUFFER.16447
    2000c35c l     O .bss	00000078 m_op_queue.lto_priv.488
    2000b134 g     O .bss	0000008c .hidden m_ams_c.lto_priv.476
    2000c870 l     O .bss	00000096 accHistory
    2000c668 l     O .bss	000000a0 m_write_buffer_records
    2000ce90 l     O .bss	000000a8 APP_TIMER_BUF.16995
    2000c9cc g     O .bss	000000b4 .hidden hrmFilter
    2000d4fe g     O .bss	00000100 .hidden txBuffer
    2000b920 g     O .bss	00000120 .hidden ams_m_tx_buffer.lto_priv.676
    2000c53c g     O .bss	00000120 .hidden m_tx_buffer.lto_priv.677
    2000bce4 g     O .bss	00000160 .hidden m_ancs_c.lto_priv.549
    2000b49c g     O .bss	00000178 .hidden m_hids.lto_priv.552
    2000ccfc g     O .bss	00000190 .hidden utilTimerTasks
    2000be88 g     O .bss	00000200 .hidden m_attr_message.lto_priv.666
    2000b1f4 g     O .bss	00000260 .hidden m_ble_db_discovery.lto_priv.686
    2000ba50 l     O .bss	00000280 buffer_memory.10767
    2000b620 g     O .bss	00000288 .hidden m_pending_user_evts.lto_priv.705
    2000cf95 l     O .bss	00000500 ioBuffer
    20002de8 g     O .bss	00008338 .hidden jsVars

    I skipped out anything under 64 bytes. If I add those I get 7557 bytes, so that's about what we'd expect I guess.

    On the whole the m_* variables are from the Nordic SDK, so there's not a great deal we can do about those


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