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  • The following is a compressed summery of what I found out so far (No code from me so far. Credit goes to gordon, helmrich, myownself and others)
    Please correct me where I am wrong or point me to good information I did't find so far.

    Where is the problem?

    What is the current state?

    How can I have a quick look or start experimenting?

    What is the plan?

    • Set up a test harness where a potential algorithm can be optimized and reproducably evaluated on a train/validation/test set of recordings.
    • Collect a good (increasing level of difficulty; from different persons) set of recordings of bangle PPL and Acc sensor data toghether with refernce data from a good external sensor via BLE
    • Try differnt algorithms starting with basic ones as eg.
      • just ignore all PPL readings above a certain threshold of movement measured by Accelerometer
      • Improve peak finding (as with the eye one sees very clear peaks that are not found)

    Result of attempts so far and analysis:

    How can I get reliable heart rate right now?
    (until me/you/somebody finds the time to improve the algorithm)

    • Use a BT chest belt. Bangle can recieve, show, store heartrate via bluetooth.

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