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  • I am not very experienced using the emulator, so maybe it is just a matter of lack of experience.

    At the moment I am facing different behaviour between both espruino interpreters,

    1. The "mixedclock2" app works fine on emulator but fails on a bangle.js1.
      See the issue drawing graphs

    2. The "toucher" launcher, can't open some apps "mixedclock2 or setting"
      ....on bangle.js1 can be open with BTN2 or middle area touch
      ....on Emulator BTN2 doesn't open the app (probably something fail without an error output), and the touch can't tested (see next point)

    .....Curiously both apps work fine on emulator when they are executed from the storage but also same apps can be open properly using the default "launch" launcher.

    1. touch area 3 (lef+right)
      I can't figure how to press in both areas "simultaneously" from the emulator screen.
      i.e toucher launcher use this area to open apps
      (I suppose the touch action can be emulated from the IDE commandline)

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