• Hi All,

    I am wondering what the expected behaviour of fast clocks is when using Icon Launcher in fullscreen mode. OR if there is a problem with icon launcher.

    I would expect that widgets are not displayed on the launcher at all.
    But this is not the case.

    Here is a simple way to reproduce:

    1.do a factory reset through the setting app
    2.delete about welcome alarms health and bt widget scheular
    3.update apps so that you end up with

    bootloader 0.55 (standard)
    setting 0.55   (standard)
    launcher 0.20  (standard)
    widlock 0.7    (standard)
    widbat 0.9     (standard)
    anton  0.11    (standard , but this version is a fast clock)  
    1. install:
      icon launcher 0.14
      simplest 0.6 (not a standard app but code is minimal and is not a fast clock)

    and set launcher to icon launcher, options show clock = full screen =direct launch = one click exit = All Ticked

    EXPECTED behaviour is that regardless of what app or clock is running when the launcher is run (though the button press) that no widgets will be displayed. See the first screenshot.

    BUT this is not the case:

    Run the launcher - select SImplest Clock (not a fast clock)
    Run the launcher and not widgets are displayed
    Select simplest clock
    Run the launcher - no widgets are displayed
    Select Anton clock ( fast load clock)
    Run the launcher - widgets are displayed
    Select Simplest clock
    Run the launcher and no widgets are displayed.

    There is no problem with simplest clock. The code for simplest clock was a clone of Anton clock 0.03 but without the custom font. You can repeat with other combinations of a fast load and a non fast load clocks, eg 7 segment (non fast) and slopeclock (fast) and after running the fast load clock the icon launcher will show the widgets.

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