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  • I really like to maintain and improve my clocks :D

    I noticed - thank you! It makes a big difference to the quality of them.

    There's a good reason why if you search by most-installed at BW Clock is second only to Anton (which is installed by default!)

    Does SlopeClock++ support the weather clock info ?

    It should, yes. Have you tried left-right swipes? The clock_info is in categories and swiping left-right changes category while up/down goes within that category

  • SlopClock++ have you tied left and right swipes.

    Yes, still cant get Weather info's displayed on slopeclockpp.
    I do see a Weather menu in BW clock and can cycle through that.
    I have been seeing this message on the console at start up of slopeclockpp

    Could not load clock info "weather.clkinfo.js"

    This does not happen when BW clock starts up.
    I can see a blank entry for the raindrops (this is what I would expect on slopeclockpp) as well.
    NOTE: I have not setup GadgetBridge but I dont usually have to do that for a quick test on BW clock. I will try that.

    I have weather 0.17 installed from the offical loader.
    I was going to install Weather 0.22 but noticed problem.

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  • I couldn't reproduce the error with clkinfos on my setup, however I found that the code printing that warning isn't exactly helping out with the problem..
    Could you trigger the exception while adding something like


    in the same catch box where that is printed (should be clock_info:133).
    After that, the result might tell something more meaningful.
    (For simplicity I can try to set up a branch with that modification on my fork, stay tuned)

    Here you go, by uninstalling and reinstalling the offending clock (slopeclockpp) with my app loader's fork ( you should be able to use this modified version of the clock_info module. You can check the only new commit in my master branch is adding that line.


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