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    I have noticed a hanging watchface today, stuck on 18:41. Last value for battery in GB is 15:11 (100%). I have powermanager with monotic voltage/percentage settings active, so quite possible there was no change in reported battery between 15:11 and 18:41. Next battery value is 56% at 20:48, so quite a big drop. Maybe something going into an endless loop, eating cpu cycles?

    Watch was still connected to GB at 20:48. I saved two GB logs, one 20:48 before reconnecting and one 20:50 after reconnecting. Both logs are identical save the additional lines in the one saved later.
    It starts at 19:13, so the moment of freezing was not captured, but there are a whole lot of

    19:13:32.816 [main] WARN  n.f.g.s.b.TransactionBuilder - Unable to write characteristic: null


    First log stops at 20:47:33.853, so definitely still hanging then, reconnect in GB reviving the Bangle shortly after that. Sadly nothing obvious (at least to me) in the logs. Saving the debug logs did not actually store the logs. I am using the fdroid version of the app.
    I have attached a log with private info replaced by placeholders.

    Edit: Not a percent of battery lost in the last hour, so hanging actually does something expensive in terms of power use on the watch.

    Yes, did not touch the bangle after noticing the freeze. Disconnecting and reconnecting in GB usually brings it back, holding the button for full reboot works as well. I'm on 2v16.7 currently. I had some hangs that could not be solved by reconnecting in GB, but have not seen one of those for months.

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