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  • I really like to maintain and improve my clocks :D

    I noticed - thank you! It makes a big difference to the quality of them.

    There's a good reason why if you search by most-installed at BW Clock is second only to Anton (which is installed by default!)

    Does SlopeClock++ support the weather clock info ?

    It should, yes. Have you tried left-right swipes? The clock_info is in categories and swiping left-right changes category while up/down goes within that category

  • SlopClock++ have you tied left and right swipes.

    Yes, still cant get Weather info's displayed on slopeclockpp.
    I do see a Weather menu in BW clock and can cycle through that.
    I have been seeing this message on the console at start up of slopeclockpp

    Could not load clock info "weather.clkinfo.js"

    This does not happen when BW clock starts up.
    I can see a blank entry for the raindrops (this is what I would expect on slopeclockpp) as well.
    NOTE: I have not setup GadgetBridge but I dont usually have to do that for a quick test on BW clock. I will try that.

    I have weather 0.17 installed from the offical loader.
    I was going to install Weather 0.22 but noticed problem.


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