• That's odd. On Bangle.js 2 this works great with button and touch as you say:

    Bangle.setUI({mode:"custom",back:functio­n() {

    Maybe we could add similar code to the Bangle.js 1 setUI
    But I suppose that would lead to the same problem of it not working in older firmware...
    On the other hand: it doesn't work now either

    Yes, I think that's the best bet. We need to fix that or setUI({back}) on Bangle.js 1 ends up being a bit useless. Plenty of stuff uses setUI({back}) even now so it's something that should probably be tweaked.

    Not sure what you think, but since long-pressing BTN3 goes back, it might be the best bet to use that instead of BTN2? Not sure...


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